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In this RICH DAD’S ADVISORS guide, Michael Maloney shows readers how to invest in the oft-overlooked market of gold and silver. He covers when to get into the market, how much to invest and when to get out – guiding readers thorugh the complicated steps of investing in precious metails with great rewards.

Beginners Basic Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Boxed Set Enjoy these 2 Gold and Silver books in one bundle: • Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion – The Ultimate Safe Haven Investments • Economic Crisis: Surviving Global Currency Collapse – Safeguard Your Financial Future with Silver and Gold

As many investors know, gold is a “safe-haven” asset that can actually increase in value during stock market slides and times of recession. But what else do you really know about this commodity? Are you taking full advantage of it? Do you know how to work it into your overall investment strategy?

This detailed tutorial provides you with a comprehensive understanding of gold, from mine to market. Jonathan Spall, a 25-year veteran of the metals market, explains everything you’ll need to know for making gold a profitable part of your investment strategy. Investing in Gold gives you an inside look at how the precious metal is mined, refined, traded, and priced, along with valuable insight into gold’s unique position in the marketplace.

“This book delivers on all of the essential elements of successful financial literature. Weldon provides a compelling context, walks through the metrics that affect the price action, and assimilates the decision–making process in kind. From soup to nuts, this is one of the most comprehensive tutorials I′ve read on the subject of commodities.”
Todd Harrison, founder and CEO, Minyanville Publishing and Multimedia, LLC

“The gold price is rising in today′s turbulent financial times. Preparation and knowledge are essential to profit from higher prices, and this book provides everything you need to take advantage of the trading opportunities thatlie ahead.”
James Turk, founder,

“”This book, with its insights into the current investment climate coincides with what many feel is a new bull market in gold. There is no ′one–size–fits–all′ investment approach, but every investor who applies such preparation and rigor as Greg outlines will certainly have increased returns with fewer losses. It should be on every investor′s bookshelf, handy for reference, and re–read every year. Greg puts paid to the notion of random walk!”
Kim Evans, CEO, Global Building and Supply