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A very average, clean, broker, In short, very trustworthy, relatively wide spreads, not the highest leverage, and a fair selection of instruments.

  • Trading Experience
  • Trading conditions
  • Security
  • Fees an commissions
  • Trading Platforms & Trading Tools
  • Customer Support is a professional and well run brokerage. Apart from this offers a high quality service and trading experience, those interested in the brokerage should do further research to determine whether might be a good choice for them

Acri.Pro Review

About the company 

  • Founded:  the broker was founded in 2021
  • Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, WebMoney and Wire Transfer.
  • Platforms: desktop Trader, Acri.Pro WebTrader and MobileTrader.
  • Accounts: Available in EUR, GBP and USD.
  • Minimum Deposit: $250.
  • Regulation: N/A
  • Social Trading: N/A
  • Support Options: Email, Live Chat and Phone.

Acri.Pro Trading Platform

Acri.Pro offers the ever popular Easytech Trading software to it’s clients. Many traders will already be familiar with the software which is by far the most popular retail Forex trading software.

The Acri.Pro trading platform operates just as one would expect it to and allows traders to use Indicators that are included to optimize their financial trading.

Acri.Pro offer their own web based trading platform.  Those who want to trade on the move also have the option to use the Acri.Pro Mobile platform which should work on the majority of Smartphones. The Mobile platform is perfectly functional if you simply want to open and close trades while out and about.

Acri.Pro doesn’t offer any social trading platforms to it’s user base which is a bit of a shame.

Trading Conditions 

  • Leverage: Up to 400:1 leverage on currency pairings and up 10:1 leverage on CFD’s.
  • Scalping: Allowed.
  • Hedging: Allowed.
  • Trailing Stops: Yes.
  • cryptocurrencies

Acri.Pro offer decent leverage on Forex and CFD’s allowing you to take advantage of some of the benefits of leveraged trading.

While other brokerages do offer significantly more leverage, 100:1 leverage is going to be more than enough for the vast majority of traders.

In general the trading conditions with Acri.Pro are pretty good.

Range of Markets

acri pro range of market

Acri.Pro offers a very transparent trading experience. When you’re are standing with your cursor on a currency pair the pedicure planted trade regardless of what type of asset it is you’ll be able to see all the trading conditions in a tab in top of the platform called information this way at all times you know exactly the spread as well as the maximum leverage and other details.

A very important aspect of this is that Acri.Pro offers you to enter this platform even before you actually have an account, meaning that if you go to their website you have an option there to enter the platform see exactly what they are offering and see exactly the trading conditions that accommodate t each individual pair. This transparency is refreshing and allows the traders to make an informed decision.


  • Number of Currency Pairings: 40+ (including a number of exotic pairings).
  • Other Instruments: Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Cryptocurrencies.

Acri.Pro offer an impressive range of currency pairings for its customers to trade and the average Foreign exchange trader will be able to trade every currency pairing he wants to on the platform.

That being said Acri.Pro do offer a slightly smaller range of currency pairings than some other brokerages, but the few missing pairings are very infrequently traded.

A clear advantage of the Acri.Pro offering is the fact that the brokerage offers a number of other instruments for its customers to trade. There are an impressive range of Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Cryptoicurrencies, all of which can be easily traded using the Acri.Pro platform.

This will be of considerable interest to those who want to trade more than just Foreign exchange.

acri pro why

Customer Support 

  • Contact Methods: Phone, Email and Live Chat.
  • Telephone Numbers: A selection of European mainland numbers.
  • Support Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, Russian and German
acripro broker


Customer support at Acri.Pro is generally pretty decent and I haven’t heard any complaints regarding the level of service provided by the brokerage. Traders can get into contact with brokerage easily through either Phone, Email or Live chat. It doesn’t take long to get put onto a live chat operative who will be able to try and resolve any problems you have with the service. Support is available in a number of Foreign languages, which will be ideal for people who don’t speak English as a first language.  Overall I don’t have any concerns regarding the quality of customer service at Acri.Pro.

Trading accounts with Acri.Pro

Acri.Pro offers different trading accounts in order to cater to different levels of traders if you’re beginner trader the classic account will be best suited for you if you’re more experienced gold platinum will be your choice.  

for the high volume traders The VIP account is the best option it offers also the highest leverage 

Trading accounts with Acri.Pro


Acri.Pro is a professional and well run brokerage. Apart from this Acri.Pro offers a high quality service and trading experience, those interested in the brokerage should do further research to determine whether Acri.Pro might be a good choice for them

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